Our Team

Gary Searing, M.Sc., Wildlife Hazard to Aircraft Specialist

Mr. Searing is a wildlife biologist with specialized expertise in the monitoring and control of birds at airports.  Mr. Searing has been involved in the assessment, planning, monitoring and management of birds associated with Vancouver International Airport since 1989.  Mr. Searing takes a science-based approach to wildlife management at airports with a management philosophy based on animal behaviour and ecology and the use of innovative methods. Mr. Searing has completed wildlife management plans, risk assessments and trained more than 100 personnel in wildlife management and control at airports around the world and has presented the results of his work to Bird Strike Committee Canada, Bird Strike Committee USA, the Transport Canada Safety Review Committee and Airports Council International. He is the executive director of the Bird Strike Association of Canada (Birdstrike Canada) and an ICAO technical consultant in the field of wildlife hazards to aircraft.

Clifford “Bud” Anderson, Associate

Mr. Anderson, founder and director of the Falcon Research Group, is a raptor research biologist with over 40 years of experience. He has spent a lifetime trapping, tagging and researching raptor movements. He has tracked Peregrine Falcons from the Arctic to South America and for the previous decade he has been tagging and translocating raptors at Seatac International Airport. He also conducts raptor identification courses and public education programs. Bud’s innovative and exacting approach to raptor programs is among the best there is.

Arie Dekker, Associate

As the principle biologist with the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Mr Dekker has spent more than 30 years in the field of bird hazards to aircraft. He recently retired as Head of Nature Bureau for the Air Force where he was responsible for all aspects of bird strike prevention to military flights. In an international multi discipline team he played a key role in the FlySafe project initiated by the European Space Agency resulting in bird migration forecasts for military aviation (Flysafe-Birdtam). He recently received the prestigious Mike Kuhring Award from the International Bird Strike Committee in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the management of bird strike hazards in aviation. An outstanding biologist with a wealth of knowledge of bird hazards to aviation combined with years of research experience and many publications on the subject, Arie is a recognized world expert on bird hazards to aircraft.

David Arrington, Ph.D., Associate

Dr. Arrington is a wildlife biologist with an extensive background in wildlife strike reduction at airfields throughout the world.  Dr. Arrington served on the United States Air Force Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) Team from 1992 through 1999 and became the team chief in 1994.  While serving on the BASH Team he evaluated and wrote wildlife hazard assessment/management plans for many joint-use airports throughout the United States and was instrumental in developing the Bird Avoidance Model currently used by military and civilian aviation personnel. As BASH chief, he achieved significant bird/aircraft strike reduction through land-use management, airfield wildlife research and management,  avian flight characteristic research, and aircrew/land manager education programs. He obtained his doctorate from Purdue University in bird strike reduction through avian flight characteristic modeling related to land use practices.