Wildlife Controller Training


Training is a very important component of an effective wildlife control program. The training of wildlife controllers is critical because it sets the standard for the wildlife control program. Wildlife controllers must modify bird behavior to “teach” birds to avoid the airport, rather than rely on techniques that simply scare birds off the airport. While this is a more difficult set of skills to teach and cannot be easily transferred with a short-term training program, it is the only system that will result in an effective wildlife control program for the long term. AWMI training focuses on both the theory and philosophy of wildlife control at airports and on the practical aspects of airport wildlife management.

The training provided to wildlife personnel includes an approach to wildlife control that will instill a sense of working with wildlife to effect control rather than the typical “us against them” mentality that permeates the wildlife control industry today. The training attempts to instill the basic wildlife control knowledge required, and then challenges the controllers to use that knowledge in new and creative ways to keep the control program fresh and effective as well as responsive to new or unusual circumstances.