Wildlife Program Audits

Red-tailed Hawk & Air Canada1
Oftentimes airports initiate a wildlife control program but lack the knowledge, time or objectivity to effectively evaluate the effectiveness of the program or how to advance the program to further reduce risk. Wildlife strike numbers are a poor measure of airport wildlife management program success. Even at airports with no strikes, risks could be high for certain types of aircraft and types of conditions that changing fleet mix or flight timing could expose. High numbers of strikes on the other hand do not preclude having an excellent wildlife program if the airport is located in a very high use wildlife area or corridor.

Our audits, conducted using the principles of Saftey Management Systems (SMS) will help you assess how well your program addresses the current risks and how it could be improved to further reduce risks from wildlife to aircraft. Each audit to tailored to your needs and your airport so the results are directly applicable and presented in a format that you can use immediately to implement changes to improve risk mitigation.